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Sylt – a beautiful Frisian-archipelago in the North Sea!
Infinite dunes and beaches, many hundred years of history and stunning nature that will help you get away from it all! The Frisian Island chain is unique and has its very own culture and we’re here to help you understand the Frisian people, their long history and their way of life.


You want to see and experience the Morsum Cliff and visit the St. Martins Church? You also want to see the Red Cliff and hike one of the many beautiful hiking trails?
Or do you want to experience the UNESCO world heritage site Wadden Sea mudflats on the eastern side? Keitum, a traditional Frisian village is waiting to be explored by you. Visit the highest point on the island, the Uwe Dune, and hike the more than 7-mile-long Samoa Beach, which is home to one of the nude beaches on Sylt.
Or take a boat ride with us to see the seals of Sylt.


Climb the famous lighthouse Westfeuer and Ostfeuer in List and enjoy unforgettable North Sea views from up there.
And no Sylt visit is complete without having stopped by at Sansibar for some caviar and champagne.
Book your private tour guide for a minimum of 3 hours and experience the island through the eyes of a local! Your guide can be booked for as many additional hours as you need him!
You can decide which parts of the archipelago you want to see and if you want your tour to focus on culture, history,
lifestyle or any of your other interests. You can also let us handle your tour and give you a well-balanced experience.
There’s so much to do here - come and explore this unique island with Banana Joe Tours.
Banana Joe Tours Sylt is ready for you and at your service!

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